March 03, 2008

Thoughts on NFL Free Agency

Yes, I'm thrilled the Vikings signed Bernard Berrian. He may not be a #1, but I feel better about the depth if it's him and Sidney Rice next to each other, with Wade and Allison next. Now the guy actually throwing it to them is more of a question...

As for the Eagles, they opened the pocketbook for Asante Samuel, the consensus Best Player in Free Agency, and did so on the first day of free agency. The next day, they signed defensive end Chris Clemons, who had eight sacks coming off the bench for the Raiders last year. On talk radio over the weekend, I heard the following arguments made:

- Even though they got Samuel, the Eagles still haven't signed a wide receiver, and because they don't have a "sense of urgency" to do so, Donovan McNabb is sure to demand a trade.

- Samuel isn't that much better than Lito Sheppard, so why give him that much money?

- Samuel can't really be that good, he only seemed that way because with the Patriots he knew all the plays in advance. And (my personal favorite):

- Now that Samuel is in the fold, the Eagles should offer to trade Sheppard and McNabb to the Patriots for Tom Brady. I think that guy was kidding, but really, who knows.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 3, 2008 04:20 PM
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