March 11, 2008

He Gets To. He Directed "61*"

News Item: Billy Crystal to play in spring training game for Yankees

I thought this sort of thing died out after the Mets and Padres both gave Garth Brooks spring training at-bats a few years ago, but I guess the Yanks felt like they had to give Billy a 60th-birthday present. But still, I'd like it even more if Billy switched jobs with Bill Kristol and guest-edited the Weekly Standard for a week. That way, maybe they'd actually call Bush a failed president in print. Oh, wait...

Meanwhile, Shysterball is a genius: he figured out that if the Yanks replaced Hideki Matsui in the lineup with Crystal, their average age would only increase by about three years. But their cumulative porn collection would get much smaller.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 11, 2008 04:39 PM
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