March 20, 2008

A Great Night in Philly

I'd say Allen Iverson's return to Philadelphia last night worked out pretty perfectly for Philly, wouldn't you? Not only did the Sixers win the game, in an exciting thriller, but the crowd behaved itself and cheered Iverson, and AI himself showed maturity, making peace with the city, his ex-teammates, and even ex-coach Mo Cheeks, with whom he notably feuded.

The strangest thing of all? As of today, the Sixers are at .500, while the Nuggets are 12 games over .500. But due to the out-of-whack strengths of the conferences, the Sixers are in position to make the playoffs as the 7th seed in the East (and just a game behind #5 Washington), while the Nuggets would be a 9th seed, and out of the playoffs, were the season to end today.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 20, 2008 11:27 PM
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