March 20, 2008

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

Howard Eskin spent his entire show today going apeshit about Barack Obama's interview with the Angelo Cataldi morning show, and particularly one line, where Obama referred to his white grandmother "a typical white person." This, Eskin believes, was totally out of line, since Obama is black and doesn't have the right to talk that way about white people. The King also apparently believes this was a worse offense than anything Jeremiah Wright said.

When a caller suggested that, uh, Obama is both black and white, and was referring to his own grandmother, Eskin objected to this very notion altogether, yelling that Obama is "black," and therefore can't decide he's also white just when it's convenient. Even a five-minute perusal of "Dreams From My Father" might have cleared things up for Howard, who seems to do an all-politics show once a month or so despite hardly ever mentioning politics at any other time.

Since he bashes Bush and Cheney mercilessly during most of these segments, I had assumed Eskin must be a liberal Democrat, but he's also called Obama a "fraud" (the preferred insult for, oh, just about anyone among 610 personalities.) Then again, maybe he was in a bad mood because of his longtime enemy Allen Iverson's return to town. Or because Cataldi, with whom Eskin has long feuded, got the Obama interview and he didn't. Or maybe because of the news that Mike Missanelli is returning to Philly to compete head-to-head against him.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 20, 2008 11:46 PM
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