March 24, 2008

Another Sports Radio Shakeup?

Dan Gross says there are "rumors" of a big shakeup at WIP:

Some rumored changes at WIP

There are hardcore rumors at 610 WIP that nighttime host Glen Macnow will move to middays to cohost with Anthony Gargano. Steve Martorano, who's currently paired with Gargano, is said to be leaving the station for a job outside of radio.

Former Eagle Ike Reese, a frequent WIP guest and longtime friend of the station, is rumored to be taking over Macnow's 7 to 11 p.m. slot. Station manager Marc Rayfield did not reply to e-mails.

Not good at all, if this is true. Macnow's probably the station's best host, and should continue to have his own show (even if it is pre-empted or postponed throughout the winter due to Sixers and Flyers games.) Ike Reese is very good on the radio, especially for someone who just started doing it less than a year ago, but I wouldn't say he's ready for four hours a night alone. Why not leave Macnow where he is, and pair Ike, or maybe Hugh Douglas, with Gargano, at least for now?

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 24, 2008 04:06 PM

I agree, I was very surprised when Steve Martorano just annouced it all of a sudden 3/25/08. Why did it happen? I also agree about Ike. He is doing very well on radio, but I think he needs a cohost just a little while longer

Posted by: swest215 at March 27, 2008 01:11 PM
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