May 02, 2008

On the Next Costas Now: Pederasty in Sports

It's funny that years go by without any elite athletes being accused of sleeping with girls in the first half of their teen years, yet then it happens twice in one week.

We all know about Roger Clemens and the country singer; because of it, the Red Sox should retire number 15 in his honor. But now we get even creepier news about another future Hall of Famer- the NBA's Karl Malone.

It came out this week that Demetrius Bell, a player drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the seventh round of last week's NFL Draft, is in fact the Mailman's illegitimate son, though he played no role in Bell's upbringing and has only met him once. But even more bizarrely- Bell's mother was apparently 13 years old at the time of conception (Malone at the time was a college student.)

Sort of puts the "Little Mexican Girls" incident in perspective, huh?

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 2, 2008 11:55 AM
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