May 08, 2008

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

Yes, there is a big media figure in America who is more clueless about blogs than Buzz Bissinger. That'd be Howard Eskin, who did an hour on the topic yesterday- following an interview with Bissinger himself- before discoursing on the topic without having any idea at all what he was talking about.

The howlers were plentiful. Eskin claimed most bloggers are "out to make money" (actually, the majority of bloggers have no advertisers and do it for free.) In response to a caller who asked how Eskin can rip bloggers while hosting sports handicappers on his show regularly, he called this "the dumbest thing I've heard in the last six months." Even though the sports touting industry is right at the bottom of the list of America's shadiest non-criminal rackets, just slightly above payday lending.

Throughout the rant, Eskin made one thing abundantly clear: the only blog he's read in the past four years is

In all, it would've been the dumbest thing I heard on the radio yesterday, if it hadn't been for the Hannity caller who said he can't support McCain because he's too liberal- and suggested that if we'd been waterboarding from the beginning, half of the U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq would still be alive. (Huh?)

The kicker? Eskin, at one point... had his own blog!

GCobb- a blogger and also a WIP host- has more on this on his site. And PFT apparently heard about this as well.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 8, 2008 04:36 PM
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