May 11, 2008

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Christopher Orr, piling on "Speed Racer" at the TNR site:

The film's aesthetic might be described indelicately, though not inaccurately, as resembling the upchuck of a child who has just eaten a boxful of crayons. Its cities shine like Lucas-scapes frosted by Willy Wonka; its Day-Glo costumes and interiors make The Umbrellas of Cherbourg look drab by comparison. In the many race scenes, the cars swerve and slide across courses whose serpentine impossibility rivals the knotty creations of a twelve-year-old set loose with yards of Hot Wheels track.
The American public seems to agree with Orr and I- the movie earned the comically low sum of $20 million in its opening weekend, and even that's supposedly a fudged amount. And I can't imagine the word-of-mouth will be very strong either.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 11, 2008 09:19 PM
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