May 12, 2008

Stupidest Eagles Analogy Ever

Here's Mark Eckel, in his Trenton Times column, on how the Eagles aren't "aggressive" enough in pursuing a Big Time Receiver:

There's a story that has made the rounds from Super Bowl XV, the Eagles' first trip to the Big Game, in New Orleans back in 1981.

Then owner Leonard Tose wanted to entertain several friends at one of the Big Easy's better res taurants for brunch the afternoon of the game.

Tose sent one of his right-hand men into the restaurant to get reservations for the rather large party. Told by the host that the restau rant was completely booked the entire day, and there was nothing he could do, Tose's man explained it was for the owner of the Eagles.

It didn't matter, the host said, there really was nothing he could do.

Until Tose's guy started placing $100 bills one by one on the counter, when the pile got high enough, the host finally gave in and said, "Tell, Mr. Tose to have his party here by noon."

Why is this story relevant 27 years later?

The Eagles need to apply the same strategy to get the missing piece to its offense, namely a big- play wide receiver.

Yes, yes, sure they do.

You know what eventually happened to Leonard Tose, right? He had to sell the Eagles to satisfy a $25 million gambling debt to Atlantic City casinos, later sued one of those casinos claiming they got him drunk when he blew all his money, and ended up dying alone and penniless. But hey, the Eagles should totally follow his example and make reckless and risky trade offers.

Trade seven first round picks for Roy Williams! That's what Leonard Tose would've done. Instead, Eckel proposes the typical fan trade- "we'll give you five of our guys who suck for your one big star!"

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 12, 2008 04:03 PM
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