May 13, 2008

Angelo vs. Andy

I should probably mention the faceoff on yesterday morning's WIP morning show between Eagles coach Andy Reid and his nemesis, Angelo Cataldi. During the 40-minute-or-so interview, Cataldi asked not a single question that you wouldn't have expected him to ask, while Reid gave no answer that you wouldn't have expected him to answer with.

My biggest beef with the interview from a Cataldi standpoint- other than his screeching voice, his general ignorance, and conspiracy-minded tone- was that about five different questions began with "the perception in town is...", and "the perception among Eagles fans is...", and every single sentence ended with a supposition that is demonstrably false, and is only believed by everyone because Cataldi and friends say it every day. The Eagles aren't committed to winning? McNabb whines too much? The Eagles don't spend enough? None of those things are true.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 13, 2008 03:30 PM
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