May 13, 2008

Good Afternoon Everybody... ANTON!

True, due to Britney Spears' unwelcome appearance, last night's may have been the worst episode of "How I Met Your Mother" every broadcast. But man, the super-obscure "Cheers" reference almost redeemed it for me. Alan Sepinwall caught it too:

Someone on the staff is a big "Cheers" fan. (And why wouldn't they be?) Not only did Barney and Abby's cab ride include an homage to the most famous Sam/Diane scene of all time ("Are you as turned on right now as I am?" "More!"), but the frame on Lily's painting that the G-CWOKs bought was made by Anton Kreitzer, which was Norm's pseudonym in the episode where he hired a lazy crew for his painting business.
>One of my favorite episodes!

By the way, happy day- HIMYM has been renewed! And don't forget to check out

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 13, 2008 03:32 PM
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