May 14, 2008

Simmons vs. ESPN

So apparently, there's dissension in the ranks between Bill Simmons and ESPN. The Sports Guy has been writing less lately, his long-awaited second book is nowhere to be found, and they canceled that Obama podcast interview. Now, Simmons goes on the record with Deadspin about his displeasure:

Yes, I still work for ESPN. No, I'm not writing for as much my choice, not theirs. That's just the way it will be from now on, unfortunately. I'd have more to say, but I'd end up being profane and I don't want to offend Buzz Bissinger...

I still love writing my column and only re-signed last year because I really did believe that we had hashed out all the behind the scenes bullshit and come to some sort of agreement on creative lines, media criticism rules, the promotion of the column and everything else on Within a few months, all of those things changed and certain promises were not kept. It's as simple as that.

Simmons has a couple of more years left on what I'd imagine is an ironclad contract. If he were to leave, I'd imagine he would go to Yahoo or SI or one of the other competitors.

But why not go back to his roots and launch his own site? Simmons could start a site now- allegedly, he already has- and include his columns, blogs, podcasts, and everything else, and I'd bet it would instantly become one of the 50 most popular websites in America, and an ad revenue generator that could make more for Simmons then he's getting now.

Certainly a story worth following...

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 14, 2008 10:28 PM
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