May 15, 2008

Obama's Other South Side Clergyman

As the Obama/Israel/"sore" controversy continues to reside in the Twilight Zone- still no retraction from Mr. Boehner*- Obama is getting more Jewish support from Chicago- from Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, the famed peacenik rabbi who lives near the senator in Hyde Park.

Wolf, it turns out, was my rabbi for about a week at camp in 1995 or so; now, at the age of 84, he's written a letter in favor of his friend's candidacy. Anyway, Wolf goes onto the list of "people who you never would've expected to affect the presidential race," along with Bernadine Doehrn, Angelo Cataldi, and (of course) Sinbad.

*I'm planning to add "The Constant Sores" to my list of potential Fantasy Football team names for this year.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 15, 2008 04:51 PM
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