May 16, 2008

End of the Kidd

News Item: CBS radio fires Kidd Chris over racist song

The song was a parody of a Blondie song, including various racial stereotypes/slures directed at black people; it aired for the first time, probably more than two months ago and was repeated various times since. The program director was fired as well; my biggest question is how this song aired on the show, probably dozens of times over several months, but the bosses never said anything until now.

I was fan of the show, I admit, as I found it frequently hilarious. But just as Howard Stern often crossed the line, I can't defend the "Schwoogies" song, nor the show's various other forays into questionable racial and ethnic humor (do I sound like Obama talking about Rev. Wright?). I found the song totally cringe-inducing when I first heard it and just shook my head every time afterwards. I had also wondered, while talking with friends about it a few weeks ago, how Don Imus could be fired from two national syndication contracts over the "nappy headed ho's" comment, while the considerably more offensive "Schwoogies" song aired for months without controversy.

There had been a birthday party scheduled for Chris tonight that had been advertised for months; that's off now too.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 16, 2008 12:21 PM
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