May 31, 2008

WYSP Solves Its Morning Problem

Funny stuff from the Philadelphia Turkey:

Kidd Chris Replaced by Farting Orangutan
May 27, 2007 Controversial former WYSP morning host Kidd Chris, fired last week for the March broadcast of a racist song parody, will be replaced by Nibbles the Farting Orangutan, according to excited station officials. "Since [Kidd Chris'] dismissal, there's been a great deal of speculation about just who would host our flagship show," general manager Jim Loftus said yesterday. "So after a great deal of consideration, we've decided that Nibbles, with his hooting, screeching, and loud, wet farts, would be a natural successor to Kidd Chris."

The orangutan, famed for his brashness and chronic flatulence, was thrilled to be making the move from the Baltimore Zoo to Philadelphia's sixth-highest-rated radio show. "Hee hee hee hee HEE!" he screeched from his new studio office, pausing to emit a long, plangent fart. "HOO HOO HOO HOO!" Interim morning DJ Frank Lario said that such comedic discourse would likely win over Chris' devoted fan base. "All that farting and hoo-hooing and poo-throwing is right up their alley," he enthused. "I think it's a great hire."

Still considerably preferable to both Angelo Cataldi and Preston and Steve.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 31, 2008 12:53 AM
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