June 20, 2008

Buzz Keeps Digging

Buzz Bissinger, the world's most famous blog-hater, gave an interview to Boston Phoenix writer/very conflicted T-Wolves fan Adam Reilly this week, in which he appeared to be contrite, and even praised a few blogs. But then he negated it all by saying this:

He adds, “You have blogs that proudly parade around saying, ‘We don’t need no stinking credibility or stinking information — it doesn’t matter what you say or do if you know how to write.’ They cover themselves under the mantle of the First Amendment. But if John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had any idea what the First Amendment would have wrought, they would have canceled it.”
Yes, Bissinger- longtime journalist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner- just said blogs would have justified the retroactive cancellation of the First Amendment. He should have his Pulitzer revoked, just for that.

Reilly's piece is worth reading in full; Bill Simmons gives some good quotes as well. And, of course, Ken Tremendous tees off on Buzz in response.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 20, 2008 04:44 PM
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