July 16, 2008

Sportswriters Don't Understand Trades, Cont'd

Charley Waters, the Don McKee of Minnesota, making up silly Twins rumors:

It will be interesting whether the Twins try to package Michael Cuddyer and Livan Hernandez in a trade for a slugging third baseman before the July 31 deadline, saving $20 million in guaranteed money to Cuddyer and $2.5 million to Hernandez. Denard Span ($390,000) would replace Cuddyer in right field, and Francisco Liriano ($400,000) would replace Hernandez in the starting rotation.
Um, no. I could see the Twins trading Livan, as well as trading for a third baseman, but not both at once. That's because, once again, a team with a slugging third baseman to trade will want prospects in return, not a veteran pitcher and veteran outfielder. It continues to shock me how people who have followed sports for a living for a decade still don't understand this.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 16, 2008 06:02 PM
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