July 17, 2008

Against ESPN the Magazine

Andy Dolan rips into one of the world's worst magazines:

The design of your magazine is not cutting edge, unless the goal is to make your readers want to cut themselves with the edge of a razor blade. You can’t just throw nine fonts on a page and call it design. Also, find a few colors that work and stick to those. If my dog ate a box of Crayolas and threw up on the floor she’d be more consistent than the room full of monkeys you have working on this thing.
I too got the magazine when I signed up for Insider, and I too canceled it when I realized how worthless it was.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 17, 2008 03:32 PM

For no apparent reason, I've been getting it for free. If it weren't easier to just throw them out, I'd try to figure out how to cancel it.

Posted by: jabbett at July 17, 2008 03:56 PM
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