August 01, 2008

In Praise of Trade Deadline Sanity

I concur with every word of Tom's post about the Phillies' lack of a deadline trade:

The 4 PM non-waiver trade deadline passed today without the Phillies making a move. Naturally for this town, the front office will be lambasted in all corners of the media over the next few days, and while it would have been nice to improve the club, there are a plethora of legitimate reasons why that didn't happen... The way some will talk over the airwaves next few days, you'll think they think the goal in April of every team is to make the biggest deal of all on July 31st, rather than winning the most games.
You'd think the people doing the complaining would have noticed the team's, you know, five-game winning streak.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 1, 2008 04:01 PM
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