August 01, 2008

Twins-Sox Gets Ugly

A near-brawl, a managerial ejection, debris raining on the field, a fan/manager shouting match- can you say "Minnesota"? That's what happened in last night's Twins-Sox game at the Dome:

The game was stopped for several minutes when fans threw hats and baseballs onto the turf and had the White Sox running for the shelter of the dugout... Marty Foster tossed him in the seventh for arguing a called strike on Denard Span, and fans responded by tossing dozens of hats, and several baseballs, onto the field.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen quickly pulled his players off the field, and the public address announcer warned the announced crowd of 31,493 that the Twins were risking a forfeit if the behavior continued...

My favorite quote, from one of the "Baseball Tonight" guys last night: "Every time Ozzie takes his team off the field, they score a bunch of runs right afterward." You mean, he's done it before?

Yes, Gib, I denounce the throwing of debris. But you know that call on Span was bullshit. And Obama's a shoo-in to carry Minnesota by double-digits, Franken's negative coattails notwithstanding.

I agree with Shyster's take:

This is Minnesota? I was led to believe that Minnesota was a land full of polite and respectful Midwesterners. Of lutefisk, Lake Wobegon, and "Minnesota nice." I would have expected Twins fans to demonstrate an icy yet smiling, passive-aggressiveness towards the umpires of this game, not to throw stuff on the field.
They should've thrown lutefisk on the field. That would've been awesome.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 1, 2008 04:03 PM
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