August 04, 2008

Best Annual Tradition Ever

Francisco Liriano's successful comeback, which lifted the team into first place, was only the second most-awesome thing that happened to the Twins over the weekend. There was also this:

The players all put on their game uniforms and lined up in front of the left-field wall for pictures when broadcaster Bert Blyleven walked out for his annual duty -- getting the players to smile for the camera. As he does every year, a practice dating back to his playing days in Cleveland, Blyleven unhitched his belt, turned around, and dropped his pants, a moonshot that never fails to get a big laugh, even for the veterans who know itís coming. (I remember Torii Hunter joking last year that he had been a Twin so long, he had seen the hair on Blyleven's butt turn gray.)
If Bert ever actually gets in the Hall of Fame, will be drop trou in Cooperstown? Will the plaque be of his ass instead of his face?

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 4, 2008 04:21 PM

No, the plaque will be of the back of his head, as he's watching yet another ball fly out of the park :>

Posted by: Matthew :) at August 4, 2008 06:56 PM
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