August 05, 2008

I Know We're Not Supposed to Like Buzz Bissinger, But...

His New York Times piece from the weekend on Philadelphia sports culture is pretty much dead-on:

Never have I lived in a place where doom is greeted with such gusto, a legacy not only of repeated sports failure over the past quarter century, but a legacy of the city’s inferiority because of its being in a strangle sandwich between New York and Washington. If you listen to the sports talk-radio shows here, callers are much more animated, much more alive, much more into the spirit of the thing when the Phillies or the Eagles or the Sixers or the Flyers have lost. Listen to these same shows when the teams have won and the callers are flat, dispirited, as if something sacred — the very right to feel depressed — has been taken from them.
I'm telling you, had you listened to the last month of WIP, you'd get the impression that the Phillies are in last place, as opposed to first.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 5, 2008 05:02 PM
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