August 11, 2008

Defending the Phillies

Sick of everyone in Philly whining about a Phillies team that is in first place and has been for most of the season? The Good Phight has a must-read post pointing out the logical holes in most of the idiocy that's been spouted lately:

Take a freakin pill you effin whiners. Your team is LEADING the NL East by 2 games, has the SECOND best run differential in the NL, has the THIRD best record and has a solid 60% chance of making the playoffs. All people do around here is complain. Maybe we have found out the reason why the Phillies have the WORST homefield advantage in all of baseball since 2004. The fans here can really suck.
The Phils have been in first place for more than 60 days this season. Last year, when they won the division, their first day in first place was the last Friday of the regular season.

I wrote a similar post, defending the team against every conceivable whine, a few weeks ago.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 11, 2008 04:52 PM
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