August 13, 2008

The Other Baby Shower

We had a lovely baby shower at work Tuesday for my co-worker Stephanie. A few days ago, only about two miles away, there was another, not-so-lovely shower:

Whitaker, 28, said she and her daughter had been at an outdoor baby shower in North Philadelphia when a narcotics officer rushed into the yard, igniting a police "riot" that injured at least six people, including two little kids and women who were maced, struck with batons and pushed to the ground, according to witnesses... Police have said that the officers were chasing a drug suspect who ran through the yard where the baby shower was being held, but those at the celebration said that the suspect had not cut through the yard and that police had mistakenly arrested a relative who had just arrived at the shower with a gift in hand.
Apparently it was a unit of the Philly PD known as the "Strike Force," though apparently not so different from the Strike Team.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 13, 2008 05:19 PM
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