August 18, 2008

Back From 'Sota

I just returned from three lovely days in my original home state- always great to go in the summer instead of winter- as Minnesota gears up for the Republican convention. Got to see the family, eat some good food, and spend some time outside. When I walked into Fuddrucker's on Thursday night and the Replacements were playing, I knew I was back home.

I also got to see the Twins play at the Metrodome for the first time in several years, and we were treated to an exciting win over Seattle (game 2 of a three-game sweep.) Always fun when your team goes up 5-0, gives up a six-run inning to go down 6-5, and then win it in the 9th on a sacrifice fly. I love this team, but the bullpen worries me.

Also exciting? I saw the beginnings of the new Twins ballpark, rising near the Target Center. Can't wait.

In preparation for the convention, David Carr wrote one of those "36 Hours in..." pieces in the Times last week about the Twin Cities. Not mentioned were any of the North Minneapolis crack dens that Carr used to frequent.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 18, 2008 04:18 PM

I assume that's not the NFL's David Carr ... although the NFL's David Carr does throw like a crackhead ...

Posted by: LilB at August 20, 2008 10:50 AM
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