August 20, 2008

TV Critic Quote of the Week

James Lileks, on "Mad Men" vs. "The Sopranos":

His wife is the flip of Carmella as the years pass, frankly, Id prefer the rich-girl sulk n snit to having Carm spit out venom and toss a plate. Sterling and Cooper are the bosses you could even say that crazy old Cooper is the Uncle June of the show, but again, hes the flip side, all strange smiles and Zen-flavored Randian calm. The guys in the office are the crew, but unlike the mobsters slouching around the back of the Bing cursing and eating and preening, theyre clever sorts - young, anxious, cavalier, full of themselves but aware of their position in the organization, and their interchangibility. Really, if the fact that they dont dese-dem-dose their dialogue while contemplating the finer points of stealing cigarettes from a truck makes them less interesting, then were a bit too steeped in the romance of the gangster.
For more, see "What Would Don Draper Do?"

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 20, 2008 03:57 PM

From what I gather in readding this guy's opinion, he prefers a waspy-like Manhattan show over middle class Jersey show. I still think Soprano's is the best TV drama written.
Kudos goes to Man Men for being able to have a well written show that's not on pay cable but still nearly as appealing, but better? I say no.

Posted by: A at August 21, 2008 02:08 PM
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