August 21, 2008

Phillies 4, Barry Horowitz 0

Great observation by Shysterball, on last night's Phils-Nats game:

I'm beginning to think that the Nats have been secretly hired by Major League Baseball to be professional wrestling-style "jobbers" a la Iron Mike Sharpe or S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones. Sure, they look like a baseball team -- they have the uniform and know a few moves and things -- but ultimately their job is to "sell" the moves of the big stars. Really good jobbers -- guys who could make marginal wrestlers who were nonetheless pegged for stardom look good -- were highly respected behind the scenes. I'm talking about the guys who would give a few extra twitches following Hulk Hogan's leg drops. The guys who would pretend that Ric Flair's big chops across the chest actually hurt. In baseball, it would be the guys who make Brett Myers look like a top quality Major League pitcher.
One quibble- Hulk Hogan, who was way too big a star to ever appear on "WWF Superstars" or "Wrestling Challenge," never fought jobbers. They were beneath him, I guess.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 21, 2008 04:54 PM

I do recall seeing Hogan and Paul Orndorff wrestle the Moondogs once on one of those Saturday shows.

I forget who won...

Posted by: Gib at August 22, 2008 09:11 AM
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