August 25, 2008

Bill Conlin Knows Less Than He Should About Baseball

Here's his column today on what the Phillies would do, if they were run by the people who run the Eagles:

Jimmy Rollins is unhappy here? How about dealing him to the Giants, a last place club going nowhere with elderly Hall of Fame lock Omar Vizquel at shortstop. How about a certain centerfielder coming back and bringing righthander Matt Cain with him?

Ryan Howard's financial team stalking a score too rich for the Teflonics watery blue blood? There has to be an American League team that wouldn't mind turning the No. 4 hole over to a slugger who not only would provide 45-140 numbers but would air-condition the ballpark with his hurricane-force hacks.

Pat Burrell is having a career season. But as much as he loves it here, he's not going to settle for a year-to-year deal. You can just see Monty, wallowing in appreciation for the way Pat has battled through adversity and actually earned his $14 million this year. Here, big guy. Here are 3 more years - $30 million, OK?

Bill, Bill, Bill... the Giants would never trade a pitcher of Cain's caliber for a veteran shortstop, nor would the Phillies ever in their right minds take Aaron Rowand's contract back. Howard-to-the-AL could happen, but not for 2 years or so. As for Burrell, he's going to have more than 30 homers and 100 RBIs this year- there's no way in hell he would take only three years and $30 million- I expect some team to offer him 5 years and 55-60.

How can someone cover baseball for that many decades and know so little about how trades work?

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 25, 2008 05:05 PM
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