August 26, 2008

Convention, Night One Thoughts

Up until the Ted Kennedy tribute, I was underwhelmed. Nancy Pelosi is no great shakes as a speaker (as opposed to as a Speaker), I'm not really sure what the point of Jimmy Carter coming out was if he wasn't speaking, and overall the night just seemed to have no direction or theme. But it was great to see Kennedy address the convention one more time.

As for Michelle Obama? She was enthralling, coming across as both likable and authoritative. Plus, she didn't use the word "whitey" once!

One big pet peeve, with the coverage: why the hell did 90 percent of the discussion have to be about Hillary Clinton? I get it, everyone wanted there to be a contested convention, but just because there's not doesn't mean the idea of a couple dozen PUMA idiots crashing the convention hall must monopolize the discussion. Then again, I guess that's the problem when you have 35 different people on your various discussion panels, as MSNBC does.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 26, 2008 02:12 PM
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