August 27, 2008

Longer Than the Convention, But Much More Exciting

The Phillies fell behind 7-0 to the Mets tonight through 3 and a half innings. At that point I texted two Met-fan friends to ask if they trusted the Mets' bullpen with that lead. They both said no.

The Phils proceeded to score 1 run in the fourth, 4 in the fifth, and one each in the 8th and 9th until a based-loaded single in the bottom of the 13th won the game, 8-7, to put the Phils all alone in first place.

The game started at the same time as MSNBC's election coverage; it ended more than an hour after Hillary finished her speech. But don't worry Mets fans; Santana goes tomorrow.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 27, 2008 12:31 AM
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