August 28, 2008

Convention Night Three Thoughts

Good job by Bill Clinton, who built on Hillary's speech while answering all the criticisms, namely that Hillary never said Obama was ready to lead. Say what you will about Bill and his behavior during this campaign, but the man sure can give a speech. But the question of whether or not they're full of shit remains very much open.

Where the hell was that John Kerry in 2004? He gave a tough, critical, authoritative speech, of the sort that certainly would've helped at the previous Democratic convention. I would've preferred, say, five other people give speeches like it, but what can you do? Also not so great that the networks ignored more than half of it.

Biden was all right, not great. The introduction by his son and the biographical stuff was wonderful, but he did a lot of tripping over words, and didn't do as good a job slamming McCain as Kerry did. I'm still glad he's the veep- although Schweitzer certainly made a good retroactive argument for himself in his speech- but he'll need to do better than this from here on out.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 28, 2008 12:38 PM
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