September 03, 2008

RNC Night 1/2 Thoughts

- Poor George W. Bush, locked out of his own party's convention. My heart just bleeds for him. Yea, he had to "handle the hurricane," but if his approval ratings were above, say, 40 percent, I'm guessing Dubya finds a way to make it to St. Paul. I wonder if he realizes the reason the entire convention is based around "reform" is because he's been such a failure. And comparing the "Angry Left" to the "Hanoi Hilton"? Really? I'm sure Republicans wouldn't mind at all if, say, Obama or Biden compared their opponents to the S.S.

- Fred Thompson went the "Passion of the Christ" route, sharing McCain's POW story in the most graphic, gruesome detail imaginable. A pretty effective speech in general, in a red-meat kind of way, and Fred was never this into it when he was actually running himself. Still, I HATED the huge images on the screen behind the speakers. Made them look small by comparison.

- Joe Lieberman, you're no Zell Miller. No, he wasn't nearly as vicious as the previous I-didn't-leave-the-party-the-party-left-me RNC whiner, and no challenges to duals were issued. But I was just astonished to see Joe bust out the "you may not agree with McCain, but at least you'll always know where he stands" line. Not only was this lifted pretty much directly from what Dubya said on the trail throughout the '04 race- and we know where that got us- but it's not even true of McCain! Hasn't he changed his mind on a whole host of issues?

- Come on anarchists, you're not making my home state look very good by throwing bricks at the convention site, even though I know most of you aren't from in town. Minnesota Nice that's not.

Then again, the cops beating up protesters and arresting radio hosts aren't exactly getting on my good side either. It's not good when O'Reilly is doing segments questioning whether, between Al Franken's Senate candidacy and the protests, Minnesota has "gone crazy."

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 3, 2008 04:25 PM

Every time anyone told John McCain's POW story, all I could think of was this:

Posted by: LiLB at September 4, 2008 03:04 PM
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