September 09, 2008

"Entourage": The Definition of Insanity

The AV Club commenters have some fun with "Entourage":

- Did you guys ever see the one where one of the main characters wants to buy something really expensive and outlandish, but then it turns out that someone else wants to buy it, so they end up paying way more than the fucking thing's worth, but it was totally worth it because they got something that no one else can have? That one episode rocked. Oh, wait, did I say one episode? I meant 20 episodes.

- Right, and it had that one scene where they are walking and walking and engaging in witty banter where they put each other down a lot but ultimately show their love for each other? And then some hot girls show up and the fat kid doesn't get laid but thats ok because he has some killer bud? That one? yeah, I saw it.

- I don't know if I saw that one. I saw the one that involved wish fulfillment for boys. Oh! and the one where a character has to make a choice between two unbelievably awesome options. Like making a movie or fucking one's way through a Mexican beach town.

- I liked the episode when they got some really cool cars to drive to the exclusive club where they had 10 or so hot girls come on to them and then they drove aforementioned cool cars back to a great house or boat or houseboat then had great sex and smoked weed with the aforementioned hot girls. Oh, and they talked about it the next day. That was probably my favorite.

- And the episode that mretrain decribes, there's a hot chick working at the place where the really expensive, but not available item is. And at the end of the epsiode Vince is having sex with that chick.

- I preferred the subplot where Eric and Ari run all over town and have cell phone conversations trying to get a movie made, but a financing difficulties and Vince's fickleness keep sidelining all their efforts until the very end, when they celebrate some small victory with a toast and a semi-obscure pop song.

- Did you see that one episode of The Wire where the police couldn't do real policework because the brass and politicians were only concerned with stats, and one drug dealer got busted only to see a more ruthless one take his place, and Michael was conflicted about something, and Herc was dumb, and the more things changed the more they stayed the same? The Wire is the best show of all-time.

I agree with the last one the most.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 9, 2008 03:28 PM

I think this is the last season or maybe the second to last season. Word on the street is that Doug Ellis wants to

Posted by: A at September 9, 2008 05:57 PM
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