September 10, 2008

Not Kosher

One of the goofier "controversies" of the campaign:

Tuesday night in Lebanon, Va., Obama -- talking about McCain's attempts to paint himself as an agent of change on various issues -- said "you can put lipstick on a pig; it's still a pig."

Palin last week had joked that the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick, and many members of the audience took Obama's comment as an allusion to Palin's remarks. (Though not as Obama calling the governor a pig.)

The McCain campaign immediately -- falsely and flatly -- asserted that Obama had called Palin a pig. Wednesday morning the McCain campaign launched a web video repeating the false claim.

"What their campaign has done this morning is the same game that has made people sick and tired of politics in this country," Obama said. "They seize on an innocent remark, try to take it out of context, throw up an outrageous ad, because they know that itís catnip for the media."

Fake outrage: It's how Republicans win.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 10, 2008 04:58 PM
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