September 12, 2008

McNabb vs. T.O., Cont'd

The Eagles and Cowboys, both coming off convincing Week 1 wins, are set to square off Monday night in Texas, and as always in this situation, the talk in the sports bars and sports pages and talk radio lines of Philadelphia returns to the Donovan McNabb/Terrell Owens questions. Owens himself, of course, felt the need to rub salt in the wound and discuss the situation again, ensuring a week's worth of incendiary stories.

Mike Missanelli, on his show the other day, came out and admitted, as he has often, "I still miss T.O." So of course, what followed was two hours of more and more rehashing of the Owens/Eagles divorce, whether it was T.O. or McNabb's fault, what the team should have done, what Donovan should have done, why this proves the Eagles will never ever win with Donovan and/or T.O, etc.

People- get over it! It's been three years! Much, much has happened since! It's over, T.O.'s never coming back, so move forward. And I love that the same people who chide McNabb for still "holding a grudge" over being booed at the draft in 1999 are still years away from letting go of the T.O. thing.

And yes, Rick Reilly is an idiot. Of course Philly is an Eagles town first, last and always. Last year, when the Eagles held a training camp battle between punters, more people in town cared about that than they did about the Phillies being in a pennant race.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 12, 2008 04:08 PM
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