September 16, 2008


What a game in Dallas last night, as the Eagles and Cowboys combined for 78 points and traded the lead numerous times, before the Cowboys finally pulled out the victory, 41-37.

While they didn't win, the Eagles showed again that they're for real. They scored 37 points, McNabb looked great once again, and they hung with Dallas, a Super Bowl favorite, for the entire game, in Dallas.

The only truly embarrassing thing was when DeSean Jackson blew an easy touchdown by spiking the ball before he crossed the goal line. It ended up not mattering, though, since Brian Westbrook crossed the goal line on the following the play. If Jackson goes on to have a great career, no one will remember this. If he doesn't, EVERYONE will remember this.

Since I have both Romo and Barber on my fantasy team, I was hoping for a shootout that the Eagles would win; I got 50 percent of my wish.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 16, 2008 05:07 PM
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