September 19, 2008

Defending Donovan

After two consecutive excellent games, I don't know why we have to, but...

I heard on the radio, after the Dallas game, that "a Hall of Fame quarterback would've won that game," which is an argument that has quite a few holes in it. Namely, that all sorts of Hall of Fame QBs, such as Jim Kelly and John Elway and the sainted Brett Favre, have lost multiple big games. Or that the quarterback that DID win the game, Tony Romo, is certainly no Hall of Famer, at least not yet.

Rich Hofmann has a good column today discussing this:

THE LAST TIME Donovan McNabb brought the Eagles back to win a game in the fourth quarter was not in the Paleozoic Era. It was last November at Washington. You remember - a screen pass to Brian Westbrook, a couple of big blocks downfield by Shawn Andrews and Jon Runyan and, 57 yards later, the go-ahead touchdown.

You see, McNabb has done it.

This year, last year and the year before, there have been six games in which McNabb found himself in the same position as on Monday night in Dallas: trailing by one score (that is, by eight points or less) and with possession of the ball in the fourth quarter.

Six times. And in three of those six games, he has left the field for the final time with the lead. That is a fine percentage, much better than the league average - not Tom Brady or John Elway, for sure, but really not bad at all.

And, so, another non-issue bites the dust.

But, but... I thought he always blew it in big games!

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 19, 2008 03:43 PM
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