September 23, 2008

"I Didn’t Have to be President of America, I Just Had to be President of the People Who Watched “The West Wing.”

The best Maureen Dowd column of the year is, is in all the great ones, not actually written by Maureen Dowd. She handed it over to "West Wing" creator/ex-boyfriend Aaron Sorkin for an imagined conversation between Barack Obama and former President Bartlet:

BARTLET Because the idea of American exceptionalism doesn’t extend to Americans being exceptional. If you excelled academically and are able to casually use 690 SAT words then you might as well have the press shoot video of you giving the finger to the Statue of Liberty while the Dixie Chicks sing the University of the Taliban fight song. The people who want English to be the official language of the United States are uncomfortable with their leaders being fluent in it.
How obvious is it that Sorkin would really, really love to still be running that show right now?

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 23, 2008 10:12 AM
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