September 26, 2008

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Dana Stevens, on "Choke":

Thank God we have another film about the fantasies, hang-ups, unintentional cruelties, and eventual redemption of a fucked-up straight white guy. For a moment there, I had almost forgotten to keep such dudes at the forefront of my concerns. But when Chuck Palahniuk... is on the premises, self-destructive, Oedipally fixated slackers everywhere can rest safe in the knowledge that at last they have a voice in pop culture.
But I thought Palahniuk was openly gay...

"Choke" is pretty bad, but it does have one absolutely perfect scene, a right-out-of-Savage-Love "rape fantasy" that goes awry.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 26, 2008 04:30 PM
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