September 26, 2008


The Twins beat the White Sox in ten innings last night to complete their sweep and move out a half-game ahead of the White Sox. The Twins came back from a 6-1 deficit to win in the 10th inning.

This sets up a crazy final weekend of the season, with the Twins playing Kansas City and the White Sox battling Cleveland, while in the NL the Mets and Brewers are tied for the wild card with the Phillies a game ahead of both. Can't wait to spend all day Sunday in a sports bar watching both the NFL and baseball; I've got a feeling I'll be happier on sunday about the Twins than the Vikings.

How crazy would it be if, the year after the Santana trade, the Mets didn't make the playoffs but the Twins did?

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 26, 2008 04:34 PM
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