September 28, 2008

Against Two-Face

A note to Southwest Airlines: That commercial with the airline ticket agent with two faces? It's really creepy and disturbing, and makes me never want to fly Southwest, ever. And just seeing it once in awhile was bad enough; watching football at a sports bar today, I saw it seven straight times on seven different TVs.

Pull it. Now.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 28, 2008 04:52 PM

You know what makes me never want to fly Southwest, ever again? The time one of their baggage handlers stole my ipod and camera from my luggage. I still have over a year on the statute of limitations, though, so don't worry Southwest, I'm coming for you.

Posted by: LilB at September 29, 2008 03:34 AM

Six words:

"It's like a baby New York."

Posted by: jabbett at October 2, 2008 10:54 AM

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