December 04, 2008


Excellent piece by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone about the Minnesota recount, which is now likely headed towards conclusion. Now, questionable as Franken may be, let's not lose sight of just how loathsome a figure Coleman is:

Coleman is a creepy, weird-looking character, a beanpole in a suit topped with a rigid mousse helmet of politician hair, like the offspring of a mop and a game-show host. He also has the misfortune of having perhaps the worst sense of humor of any politician running for office this year — a trait that shone through brilliantly in his relentless anti-Franken attack ads, some of which were monstrously, wonderfully unfunny.
I still say a generic Democrat would've beaten this clown by 8-10 points.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 4, 2008 09:11 PM


Posted by: aslan at December 19, 2008 04:56 AM
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