December 08, 2008

Why the Wolves Suck

News Item: Wolves fire Wittman, McHale is interim coach

Why? Why why why why? The Knicks did a similar thing- rewarded one of the all-time worst GMs by having him coach as well- but at least they only did it once. This is the second time McHale has donned the sweater on the sideline. The only good news, though, is that McHale will be giving up his front office duties to coach.

How about bringing back Flip Saunders? How about Sam Mitchell, an Original T-Wolf who had some success in Toronto before he was fired recently? If Scotty Brooks, the white, mulletted sixth man on the '89 team, can get a coaching job in the NBA, so can Sam.

Speaking of the old days of the Wolves...

UPDATE: The best Deadspin comment: "At least Matt Millen never signed anyone who managed to get into a car crash while masturbating."

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 8, 2008 01:36 PM
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