December 09, 2008

Right Wing Radio Moment of the Day

Mark Levin, the nasally-voiced, self-proclaimed "Great One," has been calling Barack Obama a Marxist all year, so it wasn't a surprise that tonight he was doing so again.

This time, Levin got on Obama for discussing appointing a "Cyberspace Czar." This was terrible, according to Levin, because Obama and his ilk have an affinity for "Communist words," such as "spread the wealth around" and, yes, "czar."

A couple of holes in that theory. One, every president in the past three decades, including Levin's beloved Reagan, have employed a drug czar. And two, perhaps more importantly is this: As anyone even moderately familiar with 20th century history knows, the czars weren't Communists.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 9, 2008 11:45 PM
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