December 11, 2008

At the Movies

I review "Cadillac Records" on

Other recent movies- I see "Frost/Nixon" tonight. I really didn't like "Doubt," I thought it was more an Oscar-Trolling Machine than it was a movie, filled with a whole lot of yelling disguised as great acting. But "Valkyrie" was surprisingly good. Despite a slow start, it gets going after a half hour and turns into an expert thriller. I was also pleasantly shocked that its running time came in under two hours- yes, it was surprisingly short, much like Tom Cruise himself.

I don't care about the Golden Globes, so I won't be commenting on that. No award show that nominates "Mammia Mia" for Best Picture, and not "Milk," deserves to be taken seriously by anyone.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 11, 2008 03:02 PM

I thought the acting was very good in Cadillac Records. It's a movie any music fan should see to get an appreciation of great influences.

Posted by: A at December 14, 2008 12:39 AM
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