December 12, 2008

Like "Team to Beat," Only Worse

News Item: Cole Hamels, in radio interview, calls Mets "choke artists"

Let me see if I have this straight. A radio station in New York has on a player from Philadelphia, known for hotheaded comments, and they ask him if the Mets are choke artists. He agrees. Huge, huge controversy ensues.

Except that, under any objective standard, the Mets HAVE choked. It's known by every Mets fan and stated as fact on WFAN dozens of times a day, I'm sure. What, was Hamels supposed to lie, and say "oh no, you didn't choke, we just played really, really well"?

Hey, I love that the Mets and Phils are starting to have a rivalry for the first time in history. But this is ridiculous. Why is it even news? Is there even anyone claiming they're outraged that he said it? What am I missing here?

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 12, 2008 11:25 PM

I wasn't offended, I know the Mets are choke artists, nearly without equal. Once is a fluke, twice makes you chokers. Hopefully, that'll change this year.

But some people are offended by facts, tell a Republican that their VP candidate was a dim witted ignoramus who shouldn't be trusted with her current responsibilities, much less the Vice Presidency, and you'll probably be greeted by outrage.

Posted by: Tainted Bill at December 13, 2008 07:11 AM
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