December 18, 2008

Quote of the Day

George Packer, on Sean Penn's disgraceful shilling for Chavez and Castro:

Why does someone like Penn think he can do this job, which isnít his job? Perhaps because he can write down and relay the words of famous people to whom his own fame gives him access, and because certain thoughts pass through his mind while heís writing them down. Pennís moonlighting shows a kind of contempt for journalism, which turns out to be rather difficult to do well. It also shows that heís missed one of the main points of Obamaís election, which has Penn shedding tears at the end of his dispatch. Obama is the splendid fruit of a meritocracy. In a meritocracy, actors who act well get good roles. They donít get to be journalists, tooóa job that, in a meritocracy, should go to those who do journalism well. Nor should any journalist, however accomplished, expect to land a leading part in Pennís next movie.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 18, 2008 02:52 PM
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