December 30, 2008

What's Wrong With You, Minny?

News Item: 14,000 tickets still available for Vikings-Eagles game at Metrodome

This is kind of embarrassing- I thought we had good fans! Especially for the first home playoff game in eight years.

Why is this happening? I've heard a few theories: The majority of regular season games are attended by season ticket holders; not a lot of people buy single-game and are having trouble getting into the habit now. The Metrodome's not an especially fun venue, and you can't see a thing from the upper deck. Despite the 10-6 record and division title, there's dissatisfaction with the team, and no one really trusts Childress or T-Jack.

There's also the economy- Minnesota's richest citizens got hit big-time by the Madoff ponzi scheme, coming right on the heels of the much smaller and local but similar Petters ponzi scheme- I'm sure some of the many season ticket holders not buying playoff tickets were part of one of those groups.

Maybe it's just the dirty little secret that in most situations, NFL games are a lot more fun to watch on TV than they are to attend in person.

At any rate, I doubt there will actually be a blackout- sponsors tend to step up to buy tickets in this type of situation. But what I do expect is that many, many Philadelphia fans will show up in Minny for the game, and it'll be a big story in the days afterward.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 30, 2008 11:26 PM

It is already a big story here. Front page of today's Inky. Should be a sea of green amongst the purple:-) hope things in your house aren't too rough this week! Go Eagles!!!

Posted by: Hannah at January 1, 2009 02:22 PM
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