March 10, 2009

The People vs. the Eagles

So yea, with the departure of Brian Dawkins, along with that of Tra Thomas, and today's news that the team has fired a low-level gameday employee for posting "The Eagles are Retarted!" to his Facebook page, I'd say, less than two months after the NFC Championship Game, fan dissatisfaction with the Eagles is at an all-time high.

If you've heard sports radio in Philly in the past couple of weeks, you've probably heard the following arguments at least a dozen times each: The team sucks and is a disgrace, the owners don't care about the fans or about winning and are all about money, they don't spend enough, the team "never goes the extra mile" to acquire new players, their coach is an idiot who can't handle himself during games, and (most of all) the team will ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP as long as the current ownership regime is in charge.

If those arguments sound familiar, it's because I've heard every one of them for years- only about the Phillies. All were solidly hardened conventional wisdom, with Dave Montgomery and Charlie Manuel's names standing in for Joe Banner and Andy Reid's- really, all the way up until last October. But not so much since. Just something to think about.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 10, 2009 12:20 AM
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