March 11, 2009

A Boldin Move?

Peter King, yesterday:

The Eagles and Giants, two receiver-needy teams, are in position to deal for Anquan Boldin, who I continue to say will not be a Cardinal by July. Philly has 21, 28 and 53, the Giants 29, 45 and 60. I find it hard to believe the Eagles won't trade for Boldin. Very hard. He's a perfect fit, and they've got the cap room to sign him.
But if the Eagles do that, are they still the most vile, classless organization in the history of team sports? Will they still be "cheap"?

Meanwhile, the normally reasonable Mike Missanelli has been embarrassing himself for the past week by excoriating the Eagles for not bringing back Terrell Owens. Why's that? Simply because he's better on the field than Hank Baskett or Reggie Brown. And because that "locker room chemistry" issue is either overrated, or was the fault of other people on all three of Owens' teams (the argument changes depending on the day.)

To use a Whitlock-like analogy. Imagine if your ex-wife, who four years ago completely and utterly ruined your life, came back into the picture, newly single, and looking pretty good. Would you get back together with her? By Missanelli's reasoning, why yes you would. Even though she, you know, ruined your life.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 11, 2009 04:04 PM
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